1553B data bus


The MIL-STD-1553B  is one of Greenwoods' strengths, and the hardware is generally available from stock. Military applications includes vehicles, ships and aircraft, plus the ground test rigs. The connectors predominently used are the TRB twinax concentric type best known as the PL75 series. Twinax cables for flight and lab test use are also normally available from stock, as are ready made cable assemblies in a variety of lengths.

Greenwood have been supplying their own range of bus couplers for more than 10 years, and keep a range of boxed bus couplers from 1 to 8 stubs in stock. Greenwood bus couplers have been tested by Test Systems Inc in accordance with SAE AS4117, to conform to MIL-STD-1553B specifications. The Greenwood range is designed for ground use/test applications, and is available in boxed and in-line versions. 

  1. TRB Connectors
  2. Twinax Cables & Cable Assemblies
  3. Bus Couplers