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Military and Industrial Connectors.  Greenwood has a wide range of connectors and cables to serve the military and industrial markets. Greenwood supplies PANAVIA and EUROFIGHTER specified parts to many MOD prime and sub-contract suppliers. We have the full PANAVIA and EUROFIGHTER parts libraries and are therefore able to cross-reference from PANAVIA 75.6xxx and EUROFIGHTER JN part numbers. We are pleased to receive enquiries for PANAVIA and EUROFIGHTER connectors and cables. Some products, like the 1553B databus cable PAN6421ZA002 we keep in stock.

  1. TRB Connectors (Twinax & Triax)
  2. Twinax Cables & Cable Assemblies
  3. BNC HD & SDV Connectors
  4. Triax Connectors for Medical and Scientific application
  5. Custom Connectors - Greenpar Inter-Series Adaptors
  6. Tools