medical and scientific

Triax Connectors and Cable. Greenwood supplies triax connectors and cable to a whole range of medical and scientific establishments located predominently within major hospitals, university research labs and instrument manufacturers. Within the national and private health markets, we supply to Medical Engineering or Services, Radiotherapy Physics, Medical Physics, Nuclear Physics, EME and MR departments. 

Requirements are usually driven by the expansion or modification of existing systems and for use in repair and servicing. We supply components and cable assemblies to the manufacturers of some of the original equipment systems being used, and so understand the technology implications within hospital environments, and the need for low noise and low loss cables and the appropriate connectors. For example, we supply many hospitals using Thermo Scientific equipment. We also supply complete cable asssemblies for use in X-ray and scanning equipment, and also for use with laboratory/workshop test and measurement equipment. 

We are able to advise and often match suitable adaptors for use on test and measurement equipment from manufacturers like Keithley and Agilent. For example, when moving from triax to coax and vice versa.

The table below details the TRB connector part number with the style of connector (3-lug, threaded, etc) as used with cable type G02330HT, a cable most commonly used in these applications.

Please note: As of 2015, the 305-0891-3 is no longer available.

305 Series No.Description
305-0891-13-lug Cable Plug (PL75)
305-0891-23-lug Cable Jack (CJ70)
305-0891-3Bulkhead Cable Jack (BJ79)
305-0891-4Insulated Bulkhead Cable Jack (BJ74)
305-0891-5Threaded Cable Plug (PL375)
305-0891-6Threaded Cable Jack (CJ370)
305-0891-7Threaded  Bulkhead Cable Jack (BJ379)
305-0891-8Insulated Threaded Bulkhead Cable Jack (BJ374)
305-0891-92-lug Cable Plug (PL74)
305-0891-102-lug Cable Jack (CJ70TL)
305-0891-112-lug Bulkhead Cable Jack (BJ79TL)