TRB connectors

Twinax and Triax Concentric Connectors.  The TRB connector has a bayonet coupling design with a centre contact and an intermediate cylindrical contact. The bayonet type can withstand severe shocks and vibrations. They are available in 2, 3 and 4-lug, push-on and threaded styles. They are commonly used in digital data bus, video pair and any application for 'noise-free guarded' cicuits. They are supplied in solder/clamp (sometimes called solder/wrench) and full tool crimp versions. The Trompeter Electronics family type is known as the PL73, PL74, PL75 and PL375  range depending upon the interface.

TRBPlug                                                            TRBcrimpplug
PL75 TRB 3-lug Plug, Solder/Clamp                                  PL75 TRB 3-lug Plug, Full Tool Crimp

BJ73                                                                    BJ77

BJ73 TRB 3-lug Feed-Thru Bulkhead Jack                     BJ77 TRB 3-lug Front Mtg. Solder Bulkhead Jack

Cable Jacks and a range of bulkhead jacks are available. There is a very wide range of Twinax and Triax cables that can be used with this style of connector. Specifying the correct fitting is extremely important, so contact Greenwood for accurate advice on which connector fitting is correct for your application/cable.

Terminators and RFI Caps

Terminators are an essential part in the configuration of a 1553B data bus, either as a simple termination device or to simulate a dummy load. RFI caps are used to cover unused jacks to inhibit RFI interference and dust ingress. Both parts are available with or without chains, although chain-free versions are most commonly used. To simply terminate the ends of a bus, a 78 Ohm terminator is used. To simulate a dummy load, a 3000 Ohm terminator is normally, but not always used.

TNG1                                                                RFIwithchain

Bus Terminator TNG1-1-78, 78 Ohm                                      RFI Cap with chain (to cap jack)