Twinax cables and cable assemblies

Lab test and high temperature.  Greenwood stocks specific cables and cable assemblies used in test rig and lab applications, and the high temperature Mil qualified cables used in ship, vehicle and flight applications. We supply cut lengths of cable to order with a low minimum order quantity of 10 metres (sometimes smaller off-cuts are available). In addition to our standard length lab test cables assemblies which we keep in stock, we can also supply lab test and high temperature cable assemblies to any specified length.

Twinax Cable SpecificationLab UseVehicle/Flight Use
Cable Part NumberTWC-78-1TWC-78-2M17/176-00002PAN6421ZA002
Nominal Impedance (Ohms)78787777
Nominal OD Inches (mm)0.15 (3.810.242 (6.15)0.129 (3.28)0.142 (3.61)
Conductor Dia. Inches (mm)0.022 (0.56)0.037 (0.94)0.024 (0.61)0.025 (0.64)
Nominal Capacitance (pF/ft)20.319.72434.4
Attenuation @ 1MHz (db/100ft)
Outer Jacket MaterialPVCPVCExtruded PFAFEP
Shield Coverage93%93%90%85%
Max Temp °C+80+80+200+150

Lab Test Cable Assemblies


3-Lug, Solder/Clamp PL75 Plug to PL75 Plug

Using TWC-78-2 cable.

Part NumberLength
0.5 Metre
PTWY-40-781 Metre
PTWY-80-782 Metres
PTWY-120-783 Metres
PTWY-200-785 Metres

High Temperature Cable Assemblies 


3-Lug, Full Crimp PL75 Plug to PL75 Plug

Using either M17/176-00002 or PAN6421 cable. Contact Greenwood with your preferred cable type and cable assembly length for a quotation.